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The Farm

In cooperation with the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA), we will be setting up an Organic farm to help support the school. The farm will provide valuable everyday nutrition for our students via the feeding program. It will also providing practical educational experience in sustainable organic farming and agro-business processes. In the future we hope to gain our own nationally accredited diploma in organic farming, as an additional qualification to students that want it.

Alongside this, we intend to sell any excess organic produce to a number of larger hotels and restaurants in Kumasi, with whom we have already good relations. This will further our income stream and allow us to reach financial self-sufficiency quicker, enabling us to support more children and their families.

We will also have a small acreage of allotments to allow members of the local community to grow vegetables at a small rental fee. We feel this will not only integrate the school and farm into the community but simultaneously introduce the community to organic farming methods and practices.

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